Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween! And remember, there is no such thing as broken mirrors...

I'll do a Halloween post when I feel like it. Get off me. Hearing a baby cry during "Rape Me" is disturbing enough, no?

Nirvana "Rape Me(demo)"

Growing up, I wasn't much of a Nirvana fan. I associated them with shitty grunge bands and, unable to put their music in the appropriate context, didn't understand what was so special about Kurt and the boys. Some of my earliest memories are of watching the "Smells like Teen Spirit" video, so I wasn't stunned by how different they were from any other mainstream rock bands. It's like growing up with cool parents; your friends might think they are hot shit, but without a day gone by in your life having not seen them, you don't know what the big deal is. Not to mention the fact that once Kurt offed himself, not an hour went by without a Nirvana song on the radio for about the next three years.

Fast forward to senior year. I'm sitting in Ms. Pryor's class, flipping through her copy of Kurt's journals, when something occurs to me. Kurt Cobain had stunningly good taste in music. His lists of favorite bands read like my list of favorite bands-- The Vaselines, Shonen Knife, Sonic Youth, The Stooges. His anti-social scribbles were like my anti-social scribbles, what with the violence and hatred of Catholicism and beady-eyed Republikkkans. And most importantly, so many of the things he wrote about and thoughts he expressed were so similar to my own thoughts that I could not believe I once scrawled "Nirvana sucks" across my folder, so tired of hearing Killing Joke's "The Eighties" slowed down, whined over, and thrown on at the end of every shitty KROQ playlist that if Kurt hadn't shot himself, I would probably have taken a bus up to Seattle and done the honors.

So yeah, Kurt was a cool dude. And the "Rape Me" demo on that box set is pretty awesome, what with Frances Bean wailing in the background. Time to throw together a Halloween post.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Crispin Glover's off kilter dancing in some shitty "Friday the 13th" flick just made my day.

Belle and Sebastian "Lazy Line Painter Jane"

The perfect antidote to my current listlessness.

Trailer for Crispin Glover's "What is it?" Wow.

"What is it?" trailer

Early morning jog music.

DJ Shadow "Building Steam with a Grain of Salt"

The soundtrack to early morning jogs at my grandparent's mountain estate in Northern California.

the taste of blood. why kill?

Deep Puddle Dynamics "More From June"

Tortoise's John Herndon handles the production as Slug, Eyedea, Alias, Doseone, and Sole all spit some of their oddest poetry over some of the glitchiest, fast, impossible drums this side of, well, a Tortoise record. Wow.

Who knows?

Marion Black "Who Knows?"

The backbone of one of my least favorite RJD2 tunes, I was suprised at what a low key, mournful slice of soul perfection this song is; jazzy piano, an amazing bassline, and that beeyootiful hook. Very simple, undeniably catchy. Sort of like "Ain't No Sunshine" but not sucky.

Not sucky...and to think, I'm going to become an English teacher. The future looks bleaker by the minute, no?

"Yes, Bobby, calling Jimmy Carter a 'decent president, though his handling of the energy crisis was startlingly inept' is correct, but doesn't 'Jimmy Carter wasn't sucky, and, like, his brother had his own beer. Beer is cool' sound better?

If anyone requests it, I'll put up the RJD2 song as well.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Outback

Fatlip "What's Up, Fatlip?"

The Pharcyde's Fatlip flips some of the most self depricating rhymes of his career over a beat that is unlike any I have yet heard in or outside of hip-hop; antiquated turn-of-the-century piano playing through the haze of an old radio on a sunny summer morning. Every morning I force myself out of bed, wipe my eyes, yawn, scratch my balls, and slip in my earbuds. "What's Up, Fatlip?" is what will usually be coursing through my ears...either that or Gogol Bordello's "When a Trickster Comes A-Poking"...though I feel far less ashamed when hipsters overhear the former as opposed to the latter as I bop about campus looking for my girlfriend.

Am I the only one that misses Sam Keith's brilliant comic book "The Maxx"? I grew up on that book and I consider it responsible, to a large degree, for many of my enduring fascinations (parallel universes, insanity, the homeless), and were my college-age financial doldrums not at their worst, I would so try to make my own Maxx costume. As for now, I'm looking for a good bear mask. "Bi-polar bear." I'm such a genius. Why does nobody else recognize my utter BRILLIANCE?!

Shakes your hand, takes your gun, once you are on the sun...

Ladytron "Destroy Everything You Touch"

It's nigh impossible to choose just one, but were a gun placed against my head, I'd choose this as my favorite song on Ladytron's latest. An irresistable melody, lush synths, and just the right tinge of late 60's British pop counterbalance the bleak lyrics perfectly. Perfect soundtrack for wallowing about in the winter gloom. The rest of the album holds up just as well; well worth purchasing.

No gamelans in sight...

Everybody Loves Irene "Memento Mori"

Lame aside- the phrase "memento mori"(Latin for "remember the dead") was perhaps my thing to scrawl across my many notebooks of goth-tinged poetry back in grade school, when Siousxie and Robert were gods and "Bela Lugosi's Dead" didn't make me giggle uncontrollably.

The song- downtempo, organic trip-hop with sad, whistful female vocals. I downloaded it on a rainy day and it fit the mood splendidly.

The amazing part- the band is Indonesian(and not a gamelan in sight). I never would have guessed this had I not ran across the band's myspace (Everybody Loves Irene Myspace).

The best part- their myspace contains a similarly organic, mournful cover of, get this, The Misfits'(?!?) "Hybrid Moments" that sounds like Cocteau Twins. Weird. I was able to find it available for download here: Everybody Loves Irene "Hybrid Moments"

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bad Hanna-Barbera animation makes my dick hard and keeps me glued to Boomerang every night.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

At heart I'm a nerd.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

baby, baby, baby, baby, oh baby...i love you...i really do...

Friday, October 14, 2005

...and the raining always starts when you go away.

I don't wanna do anything, anything, ANYTHING!

I'll take this over that whiny pussy Morrissey any day.


Monday, October 10, 2005

private idaho.

acid. po-lee-say.

Strong mind, strong body.

moved to tears, he screamed at the top of his lungs, but no one heard. it was for the best.

Don't you leave me alone.

Wire, Karen O, Cheap Trick, and cigarettes that dance.

Hip-hop, goth, and a splash of indie.

Mick Harvey "Lemon Incest" (Gainsbourg)

Deerhoof "Spiral Golden Town"

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Broadcast "Arc of a Journey"

VU "Sweet Jane", Richard Hell "Time"