Thursday, October 27, 2005

Shakes your hand, takes your gun, once you are on the sun...

Ladytron "Destroy Everything You Touch"

It's nigh impossible to choose just one, but were a gun placed against my head, I'd choose this as my favorite song on Ladytron's latest. An irresistable melody, lush synths, and just the right tinge of late 60's British pop counterbalance the bleak lyrics perfectly. Perfect soundtrack for wallowing about in the winter gloom. The rest of the album holds up just as well; well worth purchasing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

If I had a gun held to my head, I might choose one of the slower songs, such as "All the Way." It's tough, though - there are a lot of good songs on the CD.

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4:58 PM  
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