Saturday, October 29, 2005

Who knows?

Marion Black "Who Knows?"

The backbone of one of my least favorite RJD2 tunes, I was suprised at what a low key, mournful slice of soul perfection this song is; jazzy piano, an amazing bassline, and that beeyootiful hook. Very simple, undeniably catchy. Sort of like "Ain't No Sunshine" but not sucky.

Not sucky...and to think, I'm going to become an English teacher. The future looks bleaker by the minute, no?

"Yes, Bobby, calling Jimmy Carter a 'decent president, though his handling of the energy crisis was startlingly inept' is correct, but doesn't 'Jimmy Carter wasn't sucky, and, like, his brother had his own beer. Beer is cool' sound better?

If anyone requests it, I'll put up the RJD2 song as well.


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