Sunday, November 27, 2005

...and a knife

theSTART "You, Me, and a Knife" (My girlfriend has been a fan of theSTART before they were even theSTART...back when they were called "Hero" I believe. Anywho, if all goes as planned, I'll be attending their show this Thursday at the Troubadour, their last show for a while as they will be heading back into the studio. I really loved the direction the band took on their last album, "Initiation"; grittier production adding a nice raw touch to the perfect pop melodies of "Life is Sweet" and "Dead End Queen". "You, Me, and a Knife" is one of the more downbeat songs on the album, trading in the energy and anger of previous songs for a more resigned, mournful tone. It's also, like, TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME.)

Lydia Lunch "Gloomy Sunday"
Lydia Lunch "Touch My Evil"
Lydia Lunch "Lost World"
Lydia Lunch "Unearthly Delights"
Lydia Lunch and Mick Harvey "Some Velvet Morning"(Anyone else seen Fingered?)


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