Sunday, November 06, 2005

Long live the new flesh.

Since I have almost no classes this upcoming week and am therefore in a brilliant mood:

Beastie Boys "Rock Hard" (Beasties sample AC/DC)
Refused "Back in Black" (Refused covers AC/DC)
Madonna "Hung Up" (Madonna samples ABBA)
White Stripes "Walking with a Ghost" (Jack and Meg cover Tegan and Sara)
14 Iced Bears "Summer Nights" (Shoegazey Grease cover with just a dash of "Wild Thing")
Iggy Pop and Francoise Hardy "I'll Be Seeing You" (Iggy and Hardy do Kahal and Fain's WW2 standard)
Nirvana "Song of a Gun" (Nirvana takes on the Vaselines)
String Quartet Tribute to The Pixies "Here Comes Your Man" (The title is kind of self-explanatory)
Clipse "One Thing" (Clipse and others dropping napalm all over Amerie's "One Thing"...which in turn samples The Meters. Insta-boner.)
Xper.Xr "Wu-chu-tung" (A possibly schizophrenic Chinese man's take on EMF's "Unbelievable")
Sonic Youth "Personality Crisis" (I love the fact that Sonic Youth would willingly release this--little more than Kim Gordon mumbling over a tape of the New York Dolls original. Shitty, but shitty in the good way that only a great band could be. Or something.)



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great! thanks a lot!

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