Monday, November 07, 2005

Massive update, or, my does the sky looks sunny today!

I'm in an aggressively sentimental mood. As of next month I will have been with her for a year a half. Considering we are both strong, often difficult personalities, it is no small feat that we've lasted this long without killing each other. I realize with each passing day how lucky I am to have her--is your girlfriend so cool that she listens to hip music without succumbing to a trendy haircut and lame boho threads? Whenever we get around to going to the Getty, I'll throw up some pics.

I Am Spoonbender "Stopwatch Static"

Fiona Apple "Better Version of Me" (Jon Brion Version)
Fiona Apple "Better Version of Me" (Mike Elizondo version)

Let me know what y'all think, but for me, the better version of "Better Version of Me" is without a doubt Brion's. The album version drops the organic nature and whimsy of Brion's production in lieu of a rougher-edged feel that suits Apple's edgier vocals, but doesn't do the song itself any favors.

James Iha "Lover, Lover"

Why? "Darla"
It took me a while to fully embrace Yoni Wolf's acoustic-hop indie-pop, but now that I have, it's practically all I listen to. This is perhaps the most thoughtful, sensitive song you'll ever hear about poultry.

Why? "Bad Entropy"
If you download one song and one song only from this post, let it be this one. I can't adequetly describe in words what an amazing track this is- one part poetry, one part shoegaze, and wholly amazing; conjures up emotions of young love, childhood and memories you wish to recapture but never will.

Themselves "Good People Check"
More avant-garde hip-hop from the good folks at Anticon.

The Capricorns "The New Sound"
Quite the infectious little ditty; lo-fi organ-heavy garage new wave.

Slayer "Raining Blood"
Elliott the Letter Ostrich "Do the Reign in Blood"

They Might Be Giants "Ana Ng"
As with most TMBG songs I only have the slightest idea of what this song is "about", not that it matters. It's unbearably catchy. "I don't want the world, I just want your half." Beautiful.

Ol' Dirty Bastard "Brooklyn Zoo"

The Clash "The Guns of Brixton"

The Carpenters "Rainbow Connection"(Kermit the Frog cover)
Diamanda Galas "Gloomy Sunday"
Cafe Tacuba "Las Flores (Unplugged)"
Busdriver "Imaginary Places"

IF ANYONE CAN HOOK ME UP WITH A GOOD-QUALITY MP3 of the Zit Remedy's "Everybody Wants Something", I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL.

I'm a hopeless Degrassi fanatic and Joey Jeremiah is God. Yes, I realize that to admit this is nerdy beyond repair and drops my indie cool level down to about a two. Okay, okay, a negative two. Seriously, I'm only .5 away from being a Paul Mitchell student who digs the "scene look", listens to The Killers and wears girls' pants. Then again, I do have panic attacks when separated from my flat iron for more than an hour and I do refer to the patchy facial hair I've grown to make myself look less fat as an "indie beard." Who am I to judge?


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